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Back view of a 2023 Genesis GV80

Where Can You Buy the Latest Genesis Models in Burleson, TX?

Buy the New Genesis Models in Burleson, TX 

The latest Genesis models are equipped with top-of-the-line features, elegant dashboard design, and robust engines that offer an exhilarating driving experience. If you’re planning to add a Genesis car or vehicle to your collection, then swing by the Genesis of Burleson dealership in Burleson, TX. Our inventory comprises the new lineup of Genesis sedans and SUVs. Continue reading to learn about these vehicles.  

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Close up of a Genesis G80 during the day.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the New Genesis G80

2023 Genesis G80 Features & Specs 

The 2023 Genesis G80 is the new entrant in Burleson, TX’s luxury midsize sedan segment. Boasting the winning combination of sporty and luxury, the sedan outshines most of its competitors. It embodies a dynamic exterior and interior design that leaves a long-lasting impression. If you’re wondering what the sedan has to offer, read today’s article by our team at the Genesis of Burleson dealership.  

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Front view of a white Genesis G80

Luxury and Comfort Exemplified in the 2022 Genesis G80

Performance Features of the 2022 Genesis G80 

Streaks of paints to the body make the 2022 G80 a sedan worth considering this year. In addition to the glazy paint options, Genesis brings new upgrades into the cabin, enhancing the luxury and comfort within. Packed into it is a wide range of features that redefine the concept of a premium sedan. The performance features of the 2022 Genesis G80 fare spectacularly, superseding many other options in the segment. Unlike its rivals, the aesthetics of the G80 stand out, while its athleticism may be on the downside. However, practicality compensates for it, and Genesis builds foolproof technologies into the dashboard for the ultimate interior ambiance. Let’s dive into the 2022 Genesis G80’s cabin to see how well it delivers on the expected standards. Also, if you are in Burleson, TX, make sure to check it out at Genesis of Burleson

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The 2021 Genesis G80 luxuriously driving along the city roads

What Safety Features are Offered on the 2021 Genesis G80?

Safety Features of the 2021 Genesis G80 

A lookback at the year’s milestones in the automotive industry would lend a glow to the most popular vehicles. Marked by the ‘Genesis’ of a new age of cars, the G80 delivered elegance and power in 2021 in all glory. On par with the premium brands stands the spectacular lineup of Genesis. The 2021 G80 fared gracefully in the market, diving into the untapped potential in many regions for a broader reach. Genesis of Burleson offers an insight into the world within the 2021 G80 for those who are planning a purchase in Burleson, Texas. Let us have a closer look at the safety features of the 2021 Genesis G80 to ensure a ride without risks.  

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2021 Genesis G80 in front of a building

Take a Look Inside the 2021 Genesis G80 Interior

2021 Genesis G80 Interior Features

The 2021 Genesis G80 has impressed customers with its head-turning style and sophisticated interior. It comes with good performance features and gives you a wonderful driving experience. Do you want to know more about the interior of the 2021 Genesis G8? At Genesis of Burleson in Burleson, Texas, we will give you every detail you need. Continue reading to learn more.

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2021 G80 turning at intersection

How to set up Apple CarPlay in my Genesis G80?

Connecting Android Auto/Apple CarPlay to a G80

Smartphone integration is one of our favorite automotive developments in recent years. It helps us stay connected and enjoy our favorite media during our commutes. But, if you’re having trouble getting it setup, then you can’t enjoy it.

Here’s how to setup both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in a 2021 Genesis G80. We’ve included written step-by-step instructions, as well as a troubleshooting guide and a video tutorial.

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Side view of the 2021 Genesis G80

How much horsepower does the 2021 Genesis G80 have?

If you are in the market for a vehicle that exhibits maximum performance, the 2021 Genesis G80 is the right vehicle for you. Not only does this vehicle have high horsepower, but it also has different driving modes, available all-wheel drive, and unique engine specifications. The 2021 Genesis G80 is an ultra-reliable, dependable, high-performing vehicle, and is available at Genesis of Burleson today. Let’s jump into the details below now.  

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