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2023 Genesis G90 near beach

What Does the 2023 Genesis G90 Offer?

2023 Genesis G90 Key Features and Specs  

With a timeless design and advanced technology, the 2023 Genesis G90 redefines luxury. This vehicle aims to offer a new level of world-class comfort to pamper customers and stand out in the crowd giving an unsurpassable alluring ride. Continue reading below to learn more about the 2023 Genesis G90 key specifications. Interested individuals can get a detailed tour of the latest Genesis models at Genesis of Burleson, our dealership in Burleson, TX.  

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A 2022 Genesis G90 parked in front of a building.

How Comfortable is the 2022 Genesis G90? 

2022 Genesis G90 Comfort and Convenience 

The 2022 Genesis G90 oozes flair and charm. It is the most sought-after full-size luxury sedan that has got everyone in Burleson, TX, talking. The sedan serves up thrilling driving dynamics and boasts a tech-laden interior that allows you and the other travelers to experience the best of luxury. Are you keen to learn what the interior of the 2022 Genesis G90 has to offer? Read this blog presented by the team at Genesis of Burleson as we dive deep into the interior features that make the sedan worth the hype.  

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2022 Genesis G90 side quarter view

Engine Specifications and Fuel Efficiency of the 2022 Genesis G90

What are the Performance Features of the 2022 Genesis G90?  

It goes without saying that if you are contemplating buying a 2022 Genesis G90, you have good taste. Whether it is the elegant exterior design or the amazing interior features, the 2022 Genesis G90 scores top points in every category. However, if you are interested in learning what the engine performance of this sedan is, we at Genesis of Burleson in Burleson, Texas, have this blog post for your perusal.  

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2021 Genesis G90 in front of a building

How Safe is the 2021 Genesis G90?

2021 Genesis G90 Safety Features

The 2021 Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury sedan that comes with impressive features. The elegant design and stunning interior make it stand out. The 2021 Genesis G90 is loaded with an array of safety features. Are you planning to buy the 2021 Genesis G90 and want to know more about it? We, at Genesis of Burleson in Burleson, Texas, will give you every detail needed to make a wise decision. Continue reading to learn more!

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2021 G90 near a field

How much horsepower does the 2021 G90 have?

2021 Genesis G90: Large Luxury Sedan with Lots of Power

The state of the full-size sedan segment is a bit strange. It is the pinnacle of the sedan segment, in both the traditional and luxury markets. However, it doesn’t get quite as much attention as the crossover segment does. You may think that this means automakers don’t care about the segment. The 2021 Genesis G90 proves otherwise. Not only is it an extraordinarily well-built and presented sedan, it also houses one of two crazy powerful engines under the hood.

Keep reading to see how much horsepower the 2021 Genesis G90 powertrains produce.

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