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How to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Car?

What Can You Do to Improve Fuel Efficiency of Your Car?

With the rapidly rising fuel prices, the best way to protect your wallet is to increase your car’s fuel efficiency. It will help you cut down on fuel consumption and costs. The goal is to get more miles per gallon. The driver of a fuel-efficient car could save hundreds of dollars on fuel costs. Keep reading this blog by the Genesis of Burleson dealership in Burleson, TX, to learn some of the best ways to boost your car’s fuel efficiency.

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Car

  • Always inflate the tires properly. Never over-inflate or under-inflate the tires. Properly inflated tires will help you avoid uneven wear on the tread.
  • Tune-up the engine. A properly tuned engine maximizes fuel efficiency.
  • Make sure the engine air filter is clean and devoid of any dirt. A clogged air filter will harm the fuel economy.
  • Do not weigh down your vehicle by carrying additional unnecessary weight. It puts extra pressure on the engine, hampers its fuel efficiency. So, carry only the things you need on the go and exclude the rest.
  • Plan your trips ahead so that you can carry out a lot of chores on one outing. You do not have to make several trips and take unnecessary routes.
  • Always use the cruise control feature present in your vehicle to maintain a constant speed. It minimizes fuel consumption. The exception is when you are driving on a hilly terrain.
  • It is recommended to always stick to the speed limit. Over speeding equals overworking of the engine. That reduces its fuel efficiency.

We cannot do anything about the rising fuel prices, but we can surely adopt some ways in our day-to-day life to increase the fuel efficiency of our cars.

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